About us

Our mission is to save the world, with the power of love.

Momokakkoii was born in The United Kingdom out of people that believe in respecting and accepting each other. We want the people that wear our clothes to feel cute, comfortable and most importantly loved ❤ because everyone deserves it and love can change people for good, therefore make the world better!

We know cute things make people happy, that's why we focus on them. That's the reason behind our colourful designs featuring adorable animals, nature, sweets, silly things, and more.

This brand is only for people that love, believe in understanding and are against hate, we think that’s the coolest and cutest people in the world. The ones that make a change in the world spreading love and work everyday to reach their goals without harming others.

We aspire to give all our customers a place with the most variety of quality products at the best prices while promoting love and respect for one another.

What we stand for

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Fun

Our name

Momokakkoii means:
"Momo"() is Japanese for peach and "kakkoii" (かっこいい) means cool.

Would you like to be a cool peach with us?



Want to know more?

Contact us at info@momokakkoii.co.uk