Delivery Times


We provide delivery estimates and it depends on the place where you want the items delivered, we ship everywhere in the world.

Here are some of the time estimates we manage for every region in the world:


Standard Shipping


United Kingdom              3 - 7 working days after dispatch

Europe                             7 - 10 working days after dispatch

United States & Canada  7 - 10 working days after dispatch

Australia, Japan and South Korea  30 - 35 working days after dispatch                 


Rest of the World           30 - 35 working days after dispatch


Please be aware that we do our best to abide by our delivery estimates and provide the quickest and most efficient service but sometimes delays do happen.


International buyers please be aware that we have no control over local delivery services, they vary a lot depending on the area where you reside. 

Delays may be due to slow local delivery services, checks at customs or busy periods of the year i.e. Local Holidays etc.